What is SMSQ/E?

SMSQ/E will work on any system which has a minimum of 1MB RAM: all ATARI ST/STE/TT (with or without QL emulator), GoldCard and SuperGoldCard and QXL - it is inbuilt into QPC. SMSQ/E is not a modified QL-ROM-based system, it is completely re-written. This results in better performance and very many new features. SMSQ/E can be divided into various parts:

  1. the Operating System
  2. new, fastSBASIC
  3. flexible Device Driver V3
  4. faster and improved Console (Screen) Driver
  5. highly improved serial and parallel ports
  6. new/improved "virtual" drivers

All three parts give advantages in all systems, and they will have a unique interface. Here an extract of the list of features:

Development has taken longer than estimated, but far more facilities than originally planed were implemented. You can execute SBASIC programs even out of the QPAC2 Files menu. You also get an SBASIC/QD F10 Thing interface inuilt for free, so that you can use QD for writing, editing and starting (uncompiled) SBASIC programs! SMSQ/E now exists for 3 years, and is still improved in its first "stage".

As you can see, you get a system you were always dreaming off. We decided to offer it in steps, with the main part (as described above) being ready now! This means you can now benefit from what exist now - at the same price in steps that the final version would cost in total. Later on, a new Screen driver will come which will allow that printing will always continue, even to a window which is completely or partially overlapped by other windows. Visible areas of overlapped windows will be updated to the screen!!! Then we will have (everyone's wanting this for years) "background" floppy/harddisk operation, i.e. when files are read or written, the whole machine does not stop anymore completely. The third improvement stage will we a pointer-integrated SBASIC development environment.