J-M-S Software Updates

As a registered J-M-S customer you can download various updates of J-M-S programs here on the internet. To register, come to one of the forthcoming QL shows and bring your master disks along.

Alternatively, send an email to SMSQ@j-m-s.com and provide us with

  1. your real name
  2. your preferred login
  3. your preferred password
  4. your email address (to which you would like the updates to be sent)
  5. a list of J-M-S products you own, with the individual version number and proof of purchase.

We will setup a download account for you as soon as possible and inform you - please be patient.

This is a free service, and you have the option to download the files using your webbrowser or have them sent to your preferred email address. In the latter case, please ensure that your email account can handle emails of the specified size.

Please note that some files are .ZIP (dot ZIP) and can be downloaded and unzipped with every browser and PC unzip program, whereas _ZIP files (underscore ZIP) cannot be downloaded with Opera (at the time of writing), but with Internet Explorer and Mozilla. _ZIP files should be unzipped using a QL UNZIP only!

To the Updates Server

Thanks to Bruce Nicholls for offering this great service!