QPCPrint - printer driver for QPC

QPCPrint allows you to print to virtually any printer connected to your PC running QPC, even to fax and pdf printer drivers. It accepts EPSON ESC/P2 codes to any PAR printer and converts it to output which can be handled by Windows, which looks very, very similar to original EPSON output. Even graphics output is emlated, so that you can print from Easel, for example. Scaleable fonts, as supported in text87 with the dedicated EPSON driver, are also supported and provide excellent output.

A preview mode is also possible, so that you don't need to waste paper if not necessary,

You can even configure the individual fonts used by the emulation.

This is the application many QPC users waited for a long time!

It is shipped on CD, manual is available in PDF format.

Try before you buy: a demo version can be downloaded here (about 1.6MB, Version 1.02).

How much does it cost and how to order?

QPCPrint costs only EUR 39,90 plus postage
(EUR 3,- Europe, EUR 5,- for the rest of the world).
Online delivery is also available (no postage)

If you want to place an order now, please use our secure Online order form!