QPC 2 Version 4


Run your Sinclair QL programs on your PC

QPC 2 is a 68000 emulator, which comes together with a completely re-written, highly improved integrated operating system SMSQ/E, which is QL-compatible. This means, that you can run 99% of the existing QL programs under QPC 2 on your PC.

So what exactly is QPC 2 then?

The more advanced version of QPC. Whereas QPC required your PC to run in DOS mode only while QPC was running, QPC 2 now allows you to multitask with Windows95, 98 and NT. You do not need to run your system down and up to start QPC 2, just doubleüclick it and it starts. Also, the configuration of QPC 2 is MUCH easier - it is done in a configuration window where all settings can be easily done.

Installation is much easier too, all is done automatically with an installation program, or you just execute it directly from floppy disk or harddisk.

We have also reacted on the requests of many users: you can now have the QL windows scaled! For example, if you have a graphics card or a laptop with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, then you can decide whether you want to use the full resolution (thus giving you 1024x768 pixels for the QL ... high resolution with small fonts) or if you want the 512x256 pixels to be scaled into 1024x768 (so that you have a large, nice original QL display).

QPC 2 comes with the integrated operating system SMSQ/E, which is a completely re-written but QL-compatible operating system. SMSQ/E provides a huge number of improvements over the original QL operating system QDOS, here a short extract:

» SuperBASIC compatible SBASIC interpreter, which runs much faster (same speed as compiled).
» Largely extended SBASIC command set.
» You can execute as many SBASIC programs as memory permits.
» The operating system kernel is faster than the QDOS kernel, resulting in more powerful operating system calls and faster, smoother multitasking.
» Reads and writes QL and DOS/TOS floppy disks
» Supports harddisk access (own filing system), buffered I/O to COM1 ... 4 and LPT, plus more new devices (HISTORY, named PIPES etc.)
» Many QL software-extensions are inbuilt: Toolkit II, Pointer Environment, Window Manager, Hotkey System II.
» Supports multiple languages (English, German & French), and other languages can be added at run-time.
» Supports higher screen resolutions than the standard 512x256, up to 1024x768 and higher (depending on your graphics card).

 New in QPC2 2 Version 2

» New screen driver not only supports QL MODE 4 and 8, but also 65536 colours 
» Can run in full-screen mode or inside a Window's window
» Allows direct access of Windows/DOS native harddisk partitions C:, D: ... J:
» Up to eight serial ports SER1 .. SER8 are now supported!

 New in QPC2 2 Version 3

» Up to four PAR ports / printers supported
» Wheel mouse support
» Much better QL screen emulation
» Power safe mode (e.g. for laptops) implemented
» New command to start Windows programs from QPC2.
» And many other very useful improvements.

In general every well written QL-software will work provided you have copied it from Microdrive to floppy disk. This applies to most software written in the last 8-10 years. Even the good old Psion programs "Quill", "Abacus", "Archive" and "Easel" work. This means, that with QPC 2 you can handle data and programs written 12 years ago!

QPC 2 omes with a manual which explains how to install and run QPC from floppy or harddisk, and explains on approx. 40 pages the differences between an extended QL-system and SMSQ/E, i.e. lists all the improvements in detail. It does not replace the original QL documentation, nor does it explain the QL-extensions you should be familiar with, e.g. Toolkit II.

Minimum system requirements:

» 486 or Pentium Processor
» Windows 95/98/NT4
» 16 MB RAM
» DirectX