QMENU Version 8

It has taken a long time ...

but here it is: QMENU Version 8 and The Menu Extension Version 8

Most Pointer Environment users already know it: the Menu Extension. It is an interface which provides ready-made menus like file-selector boxes, simple-choice-menus or select from a list. QMENU is a guideline how to use it from BASIC, Machine code or maybe other programming languages which allow Machine code interfaces. It explains
how to use it with various examples in BASIC and Machine code. You are allowed to use it in your own programs and you may even sell it under license. The Menu Extension also contains the Scrap Extension ("clipboard).

Multi-column menus, file-select with tree and view option, FileInfo II support - just the FileSelect menu on its own is a beatiful extension to your system.

QMENU has not been advertised for quite a while, as the last version 7 manual was not updated in the past few years, while the Menu Extension itself got updated here and there.

However, many updates in the Menu Extension and several user inquiries made me think about releasing an updated version of QMENU. The manual has been completely revised and reflects all the minor and major changes and add-ons: from the assembler-side, from the BASIC programming side, and also from the user's side. You get a 42-page printed manual, a floppy disk with updates keys, updated help texts for QD Hyperhelp and updated and new examples.

Please note: The Menu Extension from version 7.65 onwards works only under SMSQ/E V2 (e.g. QPC2 or systems with high-colour screen drivers). If you run the "old" QL Pointer Environment, you should stick to your old Menu Extension. English only (a German version of MENU_rext is also on the disc, but no German documentation).

Some of the changes since version 7.04 (the last "officially" documented one) are:

All this, bug fixes and more - available NOW.

How to order: