Ended with Volume 17 in 2013!

QL Today has been the definitive source for news and information around the QL scene. QL Today was published in English.

All the major QL hard- and software suppliers advertise in QL Today - if you want to be informed about news, you need to subscribe for QL Today. All major QL dealers advertise in QL Today - which keeps you informed! We have lots of famous authors from the QL scene. Every volume so far came with at least one cover disk, cover CD etc.
An average size of 32 to 46 pages, DIN A4, jam-packed with interesting articles, News, reviews, listings, and information.

Volume 17 Issue 4 (the final one) came with a special surprise: a Cover DVD, containing all issues of the previous English volumes in PDF format. Even the early German issues of the first volumes can be found on the DVD. As we still had loads of space on the DVD, we added a lot of bonus material (in fact, it was mainly Urs König, who prepared and added it).

As a special bonus, a full, unlimited version of QPC 2 Version 4 has been added!

Several back-issues are still available if you prefer printed paper, please contact Jochen Merz for details.