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Welcome to the JMS Homepage for SMSQ/E (QL-compatible operating system and more)
and related subjects like the Sinclair QL, QDOS, QL Today magazine, Soft- & Hardware

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Dec. 2013 The last issue of the last Volume 17 of QL Today has ended with a big Bonus DVD, containing a free version of QPC2 Version 4 and much more! The Bonus DVD contains PDF versions of all Volumes (even the earlier German ones) including all of Volume 17 - so you have the full set of QL Todays.

Here are the bonus DVD contents:

Missed it? For back-issues please write directly to Jochen Merz (via secure contact form).

What is SMSQ/E
        An explanation of all the new features compared to QDOS.




        Allows you to run QL programs under Windows on PCs.
SMSQ/E for PCs (QXL)
        Some history.... hardware emulation on PCs.
More history... hard- and software emulation on ATARIs.
SMSQ/E for QL Hardware
         ... if you own a QL with GoldCard or SuperGoldCard
Software you find software for QDOS and SMSQ/E:
   Balled - new game for hi- and normal colour!
- the FileFinder
         Lonely Joker 2 - Patience type game with 6 games
         QPC - SMSQ/E for Windows
QPCPrint - printer emulation driver for QPC
         QMENU Version 8 -  Menu Extension & manual





QL Today Magazine
       ... 17 year of QL Today! It has been THE source for news, reviews, listings, interesting articles of all kinds.
QL Hardware & Spares
        ...mainly items like the ZX8301 or ZX8302
JMS Address, Comments and Orders
        SSL-secured contact form for orders
JMS Online Updates
        ... to download most recent updates of JMS Software
Other interesting QL pages
        YES! There's a lot of interesting QL stuff on the web!

Other interesting QL-related pages

Dilwyn Jones QL Web Site: 
QL information and software to download.
Petas Homepage
Also very well done - and everything in German & English.
QPC Support page
Up-to-date information about QPC - from QPC's author Marcel Kilgus
Quo Vadis Design
QL/QDOS/SMSQ/E Software, QL Today, UK contact for J-M-S products and more
Bob Speltens Homepage
Colour Utilities for SMSQ/E V3 from Bob Spelten JR and Wolfgang Uhlig.
Vintage Sinclair articles such as software, books and magazines dedicated to the legendary Sinclair computers created by Sir Clive Sinclair. Here you can find new and second hand software, books and magazines in stock for all Sinclair computers, including the Sinclair QL.
London QL & Quanta Group
Local Quanta User Group run by Malcolm Cadman.
QPCPrint's dedicated Homepage

If any of the pages listed above is not active anymore, please send a short eMail so that I can update or remove the link. Thank you very much. You can also inform me about other interesting QL-related links, so that I can add them.