Balled - New Game!

Balled is the new Game from Wolfgang Lenerz for QDOS and SMSQ/E. It runs in high-colour mode (looks great) and can also be played in standard QL Mode 4. Have a look at the following screenshots:

Balled in High-Colour Mode

Balled in MODE 4

In addition, Balled uses the digital sound system if you run it on a recent version of SMSQ/E and QPC, Q40 and Q60!

The aim of the game is to build lines my moving coloured balls around, following some rules, of course. After every move, more balls appear, so you have to be careful not to fill up the board - then the game is over! Different levels of difficulty and  wildcard balls are also featured. Find out how to get bonus and higher scores to fill up the high-score table!

Balled costs only EUR 11,90 plus postage
(EUR 3,- Europe, EUR 5,- for the rest of the world).

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