FiFi - The FileFinder

FiFi is probably the most useful file utility program. How often do you search for a file (or some files), where you can just remember a word or sentence (especially, if you own a harddisk).

FiFi helps you very much in doing that. Running under the Pointer Environment with all the usual options (move, resize, stuff filename into HOTKEY buffer etc.) is it also very easy to use. You specify one ore more strings which may be combined (e.g. you can look for string1 OR string2 but NOT for string3). FiFi scans complete trees on any Level2-device (i.e. all file devices on QPC2).

New in Version 2: Files found during search are immediately displayed and can be selected at any time, so that you do not need to wait for the search to finish - extremely useful! More options, "word" / "don't search subdirectories" and a list of file extensions to be searched or not to be searched can be given.

The screenshot above shows FiFi searching for files containing "happy" and "year" in QL colour mode, the screenshot underneath shows the search in high-colour mode on QPC. You can see in both screenshots, that FiFi has already found three text87 files.

Special price as it is the "Product of the Month" December 2005.

FiFi comes with an English printed manual. (If you prefer a German printed manual, please state in your order).

FiFi costs only EUR 11,90 plus postage
(EUR 2,- Europe, EUR 3,- for the rest of the world).

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